French for early years. In class or online

Bonjour Tonton!

Looking for some fun French classes for kids? Join Tonton the Tortoise and it will be easier and more fun to learn French than you thought!

We have dozens of videos to learn with too!

Heidi and Tonton la Tortue have been a fun and energetic French teaching team under the name of Bonjour Tonton! since 2009. They started off creating lively and effective French classes for preschoolers in parent and toddler groups, preschools, and primary schools in Exeter, Devon. These classes became a favourite with parents and teachers as they saw just how quickly and effortlessly their children began to pick up basic French phrases. Their unique and entertaining style created a place where parents, children and teachers could be inspired to learn another language and then practise using it together, whilst being a little bit silly at the same time!

Bonjour Tonton! Videos